About Me

Robert Briese

I am a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM), a Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO), an SAP Certified NetWeaver Consultant, and former SAP Mentor in the area of Portal and Knowledge Management and Collaboration. I've been working as a technical consultant and project manager since 2002, implementing over 30 different portal and knowledge management applications worldwide. I specialize in agile management methods like Scrum and help customers improve their business by introducing agile development principles.

Among other projects, I was responsible for the design and implementation of the knowledge management platform in the SAP intranet portal (Employee Network) and I also supported the rollout of the HR Portal into ten countries at BP International PLC. For the past three years, I've been responsible for the design and implementation of SAP's biggest website (http://help.sap.com) with over 10 million pages and 500,000 hits per day, as well as the SAP internal address book replacement. Besides my responsibilities as a Product Owner, I've also acted as a consultant and trainer for other Product Owners and ScrumMasters at SAP.

I'm ranked among the all-time top contributors to the SAP Community Network (SCN) discussion forums "Portal" and "Knowledge Management" and was honoured for four consecutive years as a top contributor by the SAP board committee. From 2007 to 2011, I was an SAP Mentor and I am now an SAP Mentor alumni. The SAP Mentor programme is a highly selective programme recognizing those individuals that make an outstanding contribution to the SAP ecosystem (sapmentors.sap.com).

Personal Details

Robert Briese
Date of birth:
May 15, 1976

What My Clients Say

Robert is a professional of high calibre! We utilized him as a project manager on the large-scale ECM implementation. The project was on time and on budget! I would love to work with Robert again in the near future.

Lenny Nisenzon - VP of Social Collaboration Platform at SAP Americas

I always knew that if Robert was managing a project, it would be in good hands!! A lot of SAP Global IT's success has been thanks to his great work.

Ran Cliff - VP of Global IT - Web & KM at SAP

Robert is a brilliant project manager who knows how to plan everything, so that everything will fall into place and will be delivered in a high quality to his end customer. [...]. Even with something that looked almost impossible at the beginning – replacing the whole front end infrastructure of Ecohub in less than 2 months – Robert was there to ensure that it happened on time, reflecting the risks in a transparent way, but always managing to mitigate them to my satisfaction.

Shay Barry - Director, eChannels Solution Management at SAP

My Services

Agile Team Coaching

Maybe you need to kick off a new project and are interested in using agile methods. Maybe you don't know which agile method to use. Maybe you need some guidance on creating product backlogs, working with remote teams, or need a hands-on ScrumMaster, Product Owner or project mentor for your organization.

Whatever your needs, I can work with you to understand them and help you build a customized plan to help you use agile methods successfully.

Management Coaching

Agile practices are new and intimidating for most people. Managers in particular struggle with agile concepts, mostly due to its focus on the self-managed team and adaptive (vs. predictive) planning.

I help managers and executives to learn how to support an agile framework and utilize an agile mind-set to discover new ways of adding value to the organization and the business.

Process Analysis and Process Design

Implementing new systems and applications always requires a deep understanding of the underlying business processes.

My strength is to help you analyse and optimize existing business processes and to introduce agile methodologies for an improved development process.

Design and Implementation of Knowledge Management Systems

Successful implementation of knowledge management solutions requires an understanding of knowledge management as a business process rather than a technological solution.

I'll help you introduce an implementation strategy that integrates information technology, organizational culture, organizational processes and senior management support to make it one cohesive system.

Awards and Figures


  • SAP Mentor
    2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - sapmentors.sap.com
  • SAP Top SDN Contributor Award – Knowledge Management – 1st Place
    2007 - Certificate
  • SAP Top SDN Contributor Award – Knowledge Management – 3rd Place
    2006 - Certificate
  • SAP Top SDN Contributor Award – Knowledge Management – 2nd Place
    2005 - Certificate

My Experience in Numbers

  • 19 Years of IT Service & Success
    I've been working IT business for almost two decades; I have twelve years of SAP experience and three years of Agile Management experience.
  • 33 Completed Projects
    My portfolio shows projects that have been completed to the highest possible standards and to 100 percent customer satisfaction. Find out more by reading an abstract on the projects page.
  • 22 Multinational companies that I've assisted
    View a list of the clients (from 3,000 to 80,000 employees) that I've worked with on the projects page.